Gia’s First Progress Report

Most who know me, know that I just love a good goal! Whether it’s a half marathon, or completing a beautiful wall collage, I thrive off of accomplishing something. When I learned that goals would be set for Gia’s therapy, and every 13 weeks, reflected in progress reports, I thought, “Great! This is right up my alley!” Boy, was I wrong!

Shortly before I was due to receive Gia’s first progress report, a slight bit of panic set in. The anticipation of what this piece of paper might say, was driving me mad! My head was consumed with anxiety-filled questions, “What are Gia’s goals? Has she met them? What if she hasn’t met them? What does that mean? I know she’s improving, but is it enough?” On one magical afternoon, our SLP, Anna-Alyse emailed me the progress report, and the suspense was finally over. When I spotted it in my inbox, I sat up in my chair like a board was glued from my back to the top of my head. My eyes were drawing in to the screen like a magnet, and I had a severe case of tunnel vision. I admit I was acting a little crazy, like this email had some sort of life-changing information in it. So I took a deep breath, and started to read. Continue reading

Differently Gifted

I was recently paid a long overdue visit, by a very special friend of mine. Now, when I say that Colleen is a special friend, I don’t just mean that she is someone who is important to me, I mean she is truly, a one-of-a-kind, special human-being. Losing her only child in 2007, Colleen has experienced tragedy, that many of us could never, and will never comprehend.  Her sudden loss had became a marker in her existence, dividing her life into 3 categories: before, during, and after her son’s death. I was lucky enough to have known Colleen during each category of her life. I always knew she was special, but I watched her evolve into greatness! Colleen is not super-human, she went through every stage of grief that anyone who suffers loss will experience. Through each inevitable stage of grief, she made choices that would little by little, change the direction of her life. The choices she made, were a reflection of the shift in her priorities, and the shift in her priorities, was a reflection of her loss. Just days after her son, Scott passed, she made a decision to use her son’s legacy, and create a positive impact in her community. To make a very long, and inspiring story short, Colleen is the founder of SCOTT Foundation, a non-profit organization that provides educational programs to inspire our youth towards selfless service. With the help of many other special people, Colleen was able to create something that she knew her son would be proud of. It was an amazing thing to watch! Continue reading