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The Day I met Kelly…

I became a part of the Facebook group, Arizona Apraxia Support Group, almost immediately after Gia was diagnosed. Kelly was a part of this group, and I would often times see her name, asking and answering questions. I could feel her dedication and her stress. She just seemed like someone I could relate to. I was sitting in the lobby of the Foundations Developmental House, when Kelly and her son, Nathan walked out of music therapy. I recognized Nathan right away, he has the sweetest face that you could never forget. I asked Nathan his name, and he got out, “Nate” with a smile. Kelly joked that she always wanted him to only be called Nathan, but that she’s just had to accept that he can only say Nate. I could tell in her voice how hard they had worked for Nathan to be able to answer that question; so “Nate” it is. Kelly and I have stayed in touch ever since. My heart sank when I learned she was a single mom, taking on this emotional and financial burden all on her own. She’s one of the strongest women I know, with an undeniable passion for her kids. She defines the word sacrifice, and I’m grateful to know her.

Kelly - Bio CollageMeet Kelly…

My name is Kelly. I’m a busy full-time single mommy of 3 great kids! My oldest, Christopher is 12, my daughter Makayla is 9 and my littlest one Nathan is 5. In 2012 Nathan was diagnosed with mild Cerebral Palsy. In 2013 he was diagnosed with Childhood Apraxia of Speech. He currently goes to 7 weekly appointments for speech, occupational and physical therapy. He also goes to private school 3x/week that I attend with him as his aide. Nathan is the most loving, sociable, stubborn little boy even though he is almost completely non-verbal. He touches everyone’s heart who he comes into contact with. I hope by sharing his story it will help to raise awareness of CAS.

What Would Nathan Say?

Mom knows best

The day I met Crystal…

I was sitting in the lobby of the Foundations Developmental House when I first saw Crystal and her daughter, Taylor. They caught my eye immediately. Taylor was actually the first girl I had seen at FDH, and she had the face of a little angel. I listened in on her conversation with her mom, and her words were clear as day with maybe a hint of apraxia mixed in. I knew I had to meet this mom. It turned out that Taylor and Gia share the same SLP, Karen, who helped Crystal and I get in touch with one another. We met for coffee and shared our stories, both of us holding back tears. Even with Crystal being on the tail-end of Taylor’s speech therapy days, you can see how raw the emotion still is. It’s clear how dedicated she is to her family. This all took place at the beginning of our journey when I was desperately looking for hope, and Crystal gave that to me. She was giving me a gift and she didn’t even know it. I only wish she had been given the same gift when Taylor was first diagnosed. I don’t think Crystal ever thought Taylor would be where she is today, at six years old. After listening to her story, it surprises me too – HOPE!

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Meet Crystal…

My name is Crystal. I am a wife, a nurse, and a mother of four.  My husband Michael of 13 years is a fifth grade teacher at our local elementary school. My oldest daughter Hailey is 11, my oldest son Hayden is 10, my youngest daughter Taylor just turned 6 and our youngest son Teegan is 4. Taylor was diagnosed with Childhood Apraxia of Speech at the age of 3. She just recently started 1st grade and is currently receiving speech therapy 6 times a month at Foundations Developmental House.  My true love and devotion is to watch and contribute to help my family thrive.  I enjoy pool days, movies, and spending time with my family.

What Would Taylor Say?

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