Healing From The Inside Out

Gia has always had health issues. Nothing serious or life-threatening, just annoying little pests that made her uncomfortable and made us frustrated.

It all started with a harmless case of cradle cap. Before the scaly patches of skin could make their official exit, the eczema developed. Although not cute to look at, these were common medical conditions that gave me no cause for worry. The solution? Steroid creams!

I was always fighting diaper rashes with Gia. Again, this is common, but many of her diaper rashes turned in to yeast infections. ITCH AND OUCH! They were awful, and frankly, traumatizing. The solution? More steroid creams!

So here I was with my pink, patchy, dry, scaly, itchy, burning, fungus-filled and perfect little angel baby.


If you click the picture you’ll see Gia’s cradle cap and rosy face.

Soon after she turned one, Gia took her first bite of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Within minutes, her mouth was surrounded by hives. My stomach dropped. I cried. You have to be kidding me!

Gia went on to test positive for a significant allergy to all nuts as well as eggs. She showed a mild allergy to tomatoes, a slight intolerance to soy, and a little sensitivity to lactose. Our pediatrician advised that we completely avoid nuts and eggs, but welcomed us to feed her tomatoes, soy and lactose as long as they didn’t seem to cause her discomfort. Every two years we would retest. The solution? Don’t feed her nuts and eggs!

I really felt like Gia just got sick too often. She had frequent, low-grade fevers that were almost always a sign of an ear infection on it’s way. The solution? Ten days worth of antibiotics! Usually only finishing seven!

So now here I was with my allergic, intolerant, sensitive, infection-filled and perfect little angel baby.


Gia broke out slightly anytime food sat on her chest.

Sure, these health issues added an additional layer of stress to raising Gia, but I never thought to ask myself why it was all happening. It never even occurred to me. I was too busy to care about the “why”, I just wanted her to feel better.

Today, the “why” is all I can think about.

My revelation came over months of hearing apraxia stories filled with sensory issues, coordination problems, low muscle tone, eczema, food allergies/intolerances, GI issues etc. These are patterns that shouldn’t be ignored, and it was these patterns that prompted my reflection on Gia’s life.

I finally started looking at Gia as a whole person, not just Gia with a speech disorder. I became convinced that her developmental, emotional and physical state were symptoms of a much bigger problem; a problem that started long ago. She is missing a sense of balance and well-being, that she really never had.

I spent years pumping Gia’s little body full of steroids and antibiotics, only to come back to the same exact state it was in before. During her third year of life, I had lost all control of Gia’s symptoms both internally and externally. She looked unhappy and uncomfortable.

There is a serious barrier up between Gia and her fullest potential as a human being, that goes far deeper than our SLP’s and OT’s can dig.

This new mindset is what brought me to homeopathy.

Homeopathy is a therapeutic system of medicine that is based on the principle of the Law of Similars or “Like Cures Like”. The law of similars states that the same substance that produces disease symptoms in a healthy person, when given in concentrated doses, can also cure a sick person with similar symptoms, when given in a very diluted form.

I was drawn to the concept of homeopathy for one reason – it treats all of the symptoms as one, by addressing the CAUSE of those symptoms, not the symptoms themselves. Homeopathy heals from the inside out.

No more bandaids.

So I did my homework and found Dr. Jamie Oskin from Arizona Natural Health Center.

Dr. Oskin is a naturopathic physician who has an expertise in pediatrics. He is nationally recognized for his use of homeopathy to help children overcome developmental disorders.

With a healthy skepticism, I made an appointment.


Dr. Jamie Oskin, N.D.

I liked Dr. Oskin from the get-go. He was the yin to my yang; the calming confidence to my anxious uncertainty.

Dr. Oskin spent four hours getting to know Gia on a mental, emotional and physical level. Those hours were filled with questions that I never dreamed would have any relevance to her treatment. With every question came further reflection. It forced me to think about my daughter on a much deeper level; like I was living a day in the life of Gia.

We left with a homeopathic remedy and a plan of action.

Three weeks after she took her first remedy, Gia had taken on a new level of communication. With no knowledge of her starting homeopathy, all five of our therapists mentioned Gia’s sudden surge in speech. It was an overnight change, and everyone took notice.

I have some thoughts on this sudden surge of speech.

What we all saw happen with Gia was no coincidence. Her communication improved in very specific ways. These were things her therapists had been working on for months. They were simple goals that Gia couldn’t fully grasp.

Our SLP’s gave Gia all the tools to reach these goals, and Dr. Oskin simply cleared the path for them to finally break through. It was like a volcano boiling over that finally erupted.

There is nothing and never will be anything that can replace speech therapy. Homeopathy is simply working along side our SLP’s, helping Gia take in each session more effectively; it’s clearing a fog that took four years to build up.

Gia has been looking for the door in a pitch black room, and homeopathy turned the light on and said, “There, does that help?”.

Since that little explosion, Gia is back to making a steady uphill climb of progress in her speech and communication. The only difference is, instead of walking up the hill, she’s jogging. She’s always made progress, but never at this pace and consistency.


Dr. Oskin and Gia after her first follow-up appointment.

Let me back up a bit…

I really don’t believe in coincidences. I’m an, “everything happens for a reason” kinda girl. The day of our first appointment with Dr. Oskin is a perfect example.

We were waiting in the lobby of Arizona Natural Health Center, when I noticed Gia start to look flush, feel warm and act irritable. Sure enough, she started tugging at her ear. I couldn’t believe it. This would be her third ear infection in six weeks. That means another ten days of antibiotics.

My first thought was, “Great! Of all days to get sick, it’s today!” When Dr. Oskin greeted us, I casually warned him of Gia’s symptoms, and he casually responded, “I can help her with that”.

After finding an infection in both ears, Dr. Oskin sent us home with a remedy. Later that same day, my son started holding his ears and screaming in pain. Whatever Gia had, he was catching it. With a little hesitation, I gave him the remedy too.

homeopathic remedy

homeopathic remedy

I have to admit that this whole remedy for ear infections thing was making me uncomfortable. I was itching to call the pediatrician and get them antibiotics, because that’s all I’ve ever known. You better believe I would have had Gia at the pediatrician a third time for a stronger antibiotic if I hadn’t been in Dr. Oskin’s office that day.

Their infections were gone in less than 48 hours, and have yet to return.

This is just the beginning of our homeopathy story. There’s so much more to share because there’s so much more to Gia.

I would encourage everyone to take a moment to look at your child – what do you see?


Disclaimer: This is based solely off of my personal experience with 
homeopathy. I am in no way telling anyone that they would have the 
same experience. I am not receiving anything in return for this post.

6 thoughts on “Healing From The Inside Out

  1. Very interesting information. If you don’t mind me asking…how much does the naturopath charge? I’m guessing they probably don’t take insurance.


    • Hello Laura,

      You are correct, they don’t directly take insurance. You can always submit to your insurance separately though.

      There’s definitely an initial investment when you start with a naturopath. It takes two separate assessments, that I believe total around $450. From there is just follow-up appointments that cost $120. It sounds like a lot, I know, but you get a lot of their time for that money that you would never get with a general physician. Dr. Oskin actually calls us on the phone to follow-up in between appointments. He’s basically always there if you have questions or concerns.

      The whole experience has been worth the money for us. I guess you just have to consider your child and their history to decide if you feel it’s worth it for you 🙂


  2. Yay Gia and Sheila! And wow! So many similarities with our kids. Word for word, Jake’s history! Bless you for sharing your experience with others. Also, beautiful writing! You have such a nice way of showing, not telling.


    • Thank you, Tori! Isn’t it crazy how similar so many of these stories are? At this point, it doesn’t even surprise me that Jake and Gia have identical histories! It really makes you wonder what on earth is going on inside these kids’ little bodies.


  3. Sheila, this is so fascinating (and so beautifully and commandingly written!). It makes so much sense and gives hope!!! I sent it to Marina. 🙂

    Sent from my iPhone



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